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Christopher Alesevich attained fluency in Chinese from over six years of study and over two years living and working in Beijing and Shanghai, China. He became interested in effective methods of teaching Chinese after first coming to Beijing and experiencing how different his classroom preparation was from the daily life he encountered: despite having taken over a year of Chinese studies in the US beforehand, he found himself at a loss to communicate in basic situations. Since then, he has studied Chinese in the Wudaokou area at Beijing University, worked for an American manufacturer in Shanghai, and been the first foreigner to ever work at a particular very large state-owned enterprise in Beijing. Chris has traveled extensively in China and also works as an English teacher; his interests include soccer and basketball, Chinese history, and studying the Beijing dialect of Chinese. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California, where he is a staff writer for the school's US-China Today magazine and had the privilege of studying with Professor Emerita of History Charlotte Furth, a distinguished China scholar.

In his free time, Christopher enoys speaking publicly about his experiences living in China and learning Chinese -- all an attempt to do his part to break barriers and make the world a smaller place. He is inspired to teach Chinese because he believes Mandarin Chinese is the doorway to China. You are welcome to contact Christopher at

A native of Hebei province, which is just outside of Beijing, Vicky Liu graduated from Hebei Normal University with a degree in linguistics, majoring in teaching Chinese language as a second language. Since she graduated, she has been living in Beijing and serving as a Chinese teacher for more than five years. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, playing badminton, listening to music and walking with her dog, ChowChow. Besides Beijing, her favorite places include Dalian and Hangzhou, both famous for their coastal and lakeside beauty. A dream of hers is to one day travel around the world.

Vicky first became interested in teaching Chinese as a way to share her native language and culture with foreign students, and since then she has enjoyed sharing her passion with hundreds of students. She invites you to contact her at

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Sarah Song is proud to be a native of Shandong Province, because it is the home of Confucius, China's most important ancient philosopher. This year she will begin postgraduate studies at Beijing International Studies University, where she will study English -- a subject she has been learning since grade school. Sarah describes herself as optimistic and confident, and in her free time she enjoys pop music and American movies, of which Lord of the Rings is her favorite. Her hobbies include ping pong and swimming -- activities she credits with helping to put work in perspective.

A native of Tianjin, May Yuan is a senior at Beijing International Studies University majoring in Chinese literature. She considers herself a hard working student, and in her spare time she likes watching movies and traveling. Her favorite foods include Beijing roast duck, Kung Pao Chicken, and -- "obviously" she says -- chocolate. May looks at each class as an opportunity to have fun and learn something from her students.

Ivy Ding is a native Beijinger that will graduate from Beijing International Studies University this summer. When she is not studying or preparing to go abroad, she likes singing pop songs, swimming, and yoga. She says sharing a cup of tea and chatting with friends on a Saturday morning is as enjoyable as life gets. A person of many talents, Ivy also claims to be able to solve a rubik's cube in a only a short time. She's proud of her hometown and wants to share Beijing's heritage with her students, like the traditional snack tanghuoshao, which is a sweet cake made of flour and red sugar. Ivy says her favorite movie stars are Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway.

Born and raised in Beijing, Giselle Yan has been studying languages since kindergarten. She's now at Beijing International Studies University, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. A self-described workaholic, Giselle studies French in addition to English, and when she's not studying or teaching, she works in the school radio station and is active in various English competitions. A positive person, she says what usually impresses people the most are her beaming smile and amiable nature.

Fairy Yin chose the English name "Fairy" because she was born on Halloween. She is from just outside Beijing in Hebei Province and is a senior at Beijing International Studies University majoring in English. An outgoing person, Fairy enjoys traveling and making friends, in addition to reading and listeing to music. Gone with the Wind is her favorite book, rock n' roll is her favorite music, and she is a fan of the TV show Friends and the movie 2012. Her hobbies include playing basketball, ice skating, and cooking, especially a dish she calls "cola chicken wings."

Born and raised in Beijing, Gloria Tian claims to know all there is about her hometown. She is a student at Beijing International Studies University, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and is an optimist that likes making friends. In her free time she enjoys cooking Chinese food, reading, listening to music, and rock climbing. However, Gloria says her favorite activity is strolling through Beijing's Hutongs -- the famous alleyways that are symbols of life in old Beijing. Though she admits most of her movies and celebrities are Chinese, Gloria is a big fan of the movie Braveheart and the singer Mariah Carey.

Emmy Wei grew up by the Yangtze River in Hubei Province and now lives in her adopted home of Beijing. She's a senior at Beijing International Studies University, and though she has studied English since grade school, her major is German. A self-described "people person," Emmy volunteered at the 2008 Olympic Games as an interpreter and guide, an experience from which she made many friends. In her free time she enjoys reading and writing, listening to music, cooking, and practicing yoga. She says her favorite artist is singer Adam Lambert and if she had one wish she would travel around the world.

Trudy Shen hails from just outside Beijing in Hebei Province. She is presently a student at Beijing International Studies University majoring in English and Chinese Traditional Medicine. She considers herself an optimist and strives to always do the right thing. That's why she identifies with the character Maria von Trapp, the protagonist of "The Sound of Music" that works tirelessly in the face of long odds to help herself and others -- "except that I can't sing as well as her," Trudy jokes. In her free time, Trudy enjoys teaching, making friends, and hiking on the Great Wall.

Ginger Gao is a postgraduate student majoring in English at Beijing International Studies University. Her studies focus on mass media, advertisement and cultural criticism -- and she also studies Japanese as a second foreign language. In her spare time, Ginger enjoys reading, traveling, making friends and playing badminton. She is a dedicated fan of American movies and TV shows, among which Desperate Housewives is her favorite. An outwardly curious person, the subjects Ginger enjoys most are history and cultures of the world.

Jessie Lee is a native of Beijing and has studied English since early in grade school. A self-described "easy-going" person, she says she most enjoys sunshine, chatting with friends, and helping others, which is seen in her work as a volunteer at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. In addition to playing the piano, Jessie also spends her free time swimming and playing badminton. Her favorite movies include 50 First Dates and Amelia, her favorite TV shows include Desperate Housewives and Prison Break, and Pride and Prejudice is among her favorite books. She'll also tell you ice cream is her favorite food. Jessie is a graduate of famous Beijing Forestry University, which is in Wudaokou.