iPad frenzy reaches Beijing

April 08, 2010 | Posted by Chris

Apple's high-profile release of the iPad this past weekend in the US has inspired demand for the high-tech gadget in China, even though it is not sold in the country, the Global Times of China reports. While the company has plans to open more locations, presently there is only one official Apple store in Beijing -- and it is not selling the iPad. Employees at the Sanlitun store say they have no idea if and when Apple will sell the iPad in Beijing, but 40 minutes away, not far from Wudaokou in Haidian District, electronics vendors are already signing up customers. In Zhongguancun, which is commonly referred to as China's "silicon valley," vendors at electronics mega-malls are reportedly "overwhelmed" by orders for the tablet computer. "I've received 33 orders so far, and you're not likely to be able to buy one without a deposit," says vendor Wang Zhiyong. Sellers say the iPads are shipped directly from its US manufacturers and have been selling out as soon as shipments arrive. In Zhongguancun prices for a 16-gigabyte iPad with WI-FI range from $615-$952, and likely go much higher. Not all consumers are comfortable buying an iPad from an electronics mall, however, citing quaility concerns about how genuine the product may be. "I'll wait for the official Apple store to sell them," says a local university student.

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