Subway lines near completion

January 08, 2010 | Posted by Chris

Five new subway lines will be completed and four more will begin construction this year in Beijing, according to authorities quoted in the China Daily. Strewn throughout the city, the five new lines are expected to help relieve its congested transportation, and they are: the Yizhuang line, which extends to the city's southeast; the Daxing line, which accesses the city's southern district; the Changping line, which travels to the city's northwest; the Fangshan line, which traverses the city's southwest; and the first phase of line 15, which extends north of the Capital Airport. The city of Beijing has outlined an ambitious plan to develop its subway system, and with the new lines total track length will total more than 186 miles. After this year nine more lines will remain under construction -- with at least one equipped for maglev trains traveling at speeds of 100 miles per hour -- amounting to an additional 130 miles of track. "I don't think any other city in the world can surpass Beijing in terms of subway line construction speed," said Liu Yinchun, deputy director of the Beijing municipal commission of development and reform.

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