Secret underground city revealed

November 22, 2009 | Posted by Chris

Not far from the southern end of Tian'anmen Square hides the entrance to an "underground city" that was built in an earlier communist era, according to an account by Time. Supposedly an extensive network of tunnels beneath the city was constructed during the 1960s when Chairman Mao and other military leaders feared an attack from the USSR. The tunnels were never used, but being supposedly large and accessible enough for 300,000 people to descend to subterranean refuge in only a matter of minutes, they leave behind an equally great legacy. "Every Beijinger" has heard rumors of a secret tunnel that extends from Tian'anmen Square to China's leadership compound at Zhongnanhai to Beijing's bucolic Western Hills and beyond -- a tunnel "wide enough for three trucks" it is reported. The best place to access the underground city is at Damochang (打磨厂 or dǎmóchǎng in Chinese) street near Qianmen, where visitors may view classrooms, a hospital and a barbershop, in addition old pictures of Chinese leaders and other relics. More information may be learned in the full article below.

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