Renowned artist passes away

July 03, 2010 | Posted by Chris

The work of Wu Guanzhong combines Chinese ink techniques with Western oil painting. Via CRI English

Wu Guanzhong -- renowned as a master of modern Chinese painting and known for his generous donations to museums -- has passed away in Beijiing at age 90, the New York Times reports. Described as "one of the most important figures of 20th-century Chinese art," Mr. Wu was a pioneer in applying Chinese ink techniques to Western oil painting, having studied art in Paris on a scholarship as a young man and later returning to China to teach. His work is valued very highly: in 2007 his painting "Ancient City of Jiaohe" sold for $5 million USD, and a collection of 113 works he donated to the Singapore Art Museum has been appraised at $53 million USD. Mr. Wu's last works -- 4 paintings he completed this year -- will be displayed in Hong Kong this month.

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