President Obama tours Great Wall

November 18, 2009 | Posted by Chris

In the final day of his first visit to Beijing, today US President Barack Obama climbed the Great Wall, according to MSNBC. Obama had the Badaling section of the Great Wall -- which is usually jammed with visitors -- all to himself, since it was closed to the public today in anticipation of his visit. During the climb up President Obama was accompanied by US Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. and Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong, but in a staged photo opportunity Obama strolled back down the Wall alone -- and White House aides were reported to be "exultant" at the results. This was not the only sight-seeing President Obama fit into his packed schedule while in Beijing: yesterday he toured the Forbidden City and described it as "a reminder of the incredible traditions and heritage of the Chinese people." Meanwhile, on the streets all Beijingers were aware of Obama's presence in the city, and even before he arrived entrepreneurs were selling "Oba-mao" memorabilia that combined the likenesses of Obama and another historical figure, Mao Zedong. President Obama today departs to South Korea, from where he heads back to Washington.

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