IBM picks Beijing for worldwide center

August 04, 2009 | Posted by Chris

IBM yesterday selected Beijing to host one of its six new worldwide analytics centers intended to catapult IBM into the next generation of communications consulting, the Wall Street Journal writes. The move, which may be interpreted as a vote of confidence in the development of Beijing, comes as the city is investing heavily in public communications infrastructure, and the deal is the first such investment in a developing market; the other five locations for this project are Berlin and Tokyo, which opened earlier this summer, and London, New York and Washington, for which openings are planned. The new generation of analytics consulting is very mathematically intensive, utilizing complicated software, powerful computers, and "very heavy duty statistics and optimization," and is engineered for use by government agencies and large companies. Notably, this past April IBM opened another laboratory in Beijing intended to take advantage of upgrades the city has been making to its healthcare system.

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