Graduates pass on job market

November 29, 2009 | Posted by Chris

More than a third of Beijing college students interviewed in a recent survey say they will pursue postgraduate study rather than enter the job market, according to a report published by Renmin University and the Haidian Human Resource Service Center. The study found that college graduates are often unhappy with the low-paying and very demanding jobs they are usually offered -- that is, if they find a job in the first place. There is fierce competition in Beijing's job market, and in 2010 219,000 fresh graduates will enter the fray. "We can not find satisfactory jobs and so many classmates of mine choose to study further," said Cui Yan, a graduate of the prestigious Capital University of Economics and Business. Part of the problem for graduates is their lack of work experience, because employers in China typically seek employees that can work independently -- "I think our mentality has a little problem," Cui said of his peers' unrealistic wage expectations. Conducted at the end of the last school year in July, this study featured responses from 2,641 Beijing college students -- 70% of which were graduating seniors -- and 33.7% of the respondents said they would study for a higher degree, including 8.58% who planned to study abroad.

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