Ditan Park temple fair abuzz

February 18, 2010 | Posted by Chris

Since opening this past Saturday, the temple fair at Ditan Park in downtown Beijing has been bustling with activity as art performers, artisans, and visitors all create a festive atmosphere, China Central TV reports. The busiest and perhaps the most well-known temple fair in Beijing, Ditan Park -- called 地坛公园 or dìtán gōngyuán in Chinese -- this week is brimming with "festival atmosphere" with visitors from throughout China and the world that come to take part in the experience. A big attraction this year are the performances of traditional Chinese folk art and other rituals, in which folk artists from around the country have come to entertain the crowds. First begun centuries ago in the Ming Dynasty as simple holiday gatherings, temple fairs have evolved into large and busy events that attract virtually everyone in Beijing that observes Chinese New Year -- in fact, many Beijingers will tell you that nothing completes a Chinese New Year holiday like a visit to a temple fair to watch performances, check out artisans selling their goods, and eat traditional snacks.

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