Burger King opens first Beijing restaurant

December 05, 2009 | Posted by Chris

This week Burger King opened its first Beijing restaurant and outlined plans to open six more by June of next year, according to Xinhua News. Located in the Xidan district of downtown Beijing, the restaurant that opened this week represents the company's 12,000th outlet worldwide. Despite this impressive international presence, Burger King is a relative newcomer to the Chinese market, having first arrived in 2005 and today operating 25 restaurants in China. This goes in great contrast with its competitors KFC and McDonalds, which are ubiquitous in major Chinese cities. KFC first came to China in 1987 and today has 2,000 restaurants in the country; McDonalds entered China in 1992 and recently opened its 1,000th outlet here. John Chidsey, Chairman and CEO of Burger King Holdings, was in Beijing for this week's restaurant opening and spoke about the company's ambitions in China, saying, "We intend to be on a similar scale to our competitors. Certainly a heck of a lot bigger than we are today."

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