British Prince Andrew visits school

March 30, 2010 | Posted by Chris

British Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is in Beijing this week to mark the opening of the newest campus of the British School of Beijing, the Global Times of China reports. The visit by the prince, who also serves as the United Kingdom's Special Representative for International Trade and Investment, brings attention to an aspect of expatriate life in Beijing that receives little coverage: international schools that educate the children of diplomats and other professionals that work here. Founded in 2003, the British School of Beijing educates students 2-18 years of age in the official English National Curriculum, exclusively drawing its student body from non-Chinese passport holders. There are dozens of international schools in Beijing that cater to the needs of citizens of particular countries; for example, there are the German, Japanese, and Spanish schools of Beijing, as well as the Pakistan Embassy College of Beijing and L'Ecole Francaise de Pekin -- also known as the French School of Beijing. This great diversity of international schools serves as a reminder of the city's international character and no doubt is one of the pillars of the expatriate community and an important factor for people considering a move to China's capital.

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