What’s Wudaokou &
what’s so special about it?

Wudaokou is an important window into life in Beijng & China


Welcome to China

The center of Beijing’s district of higher education, Wudaokou is the destination of thousands of foreign students who travel here annually to learn Chinese. More than 10 major universities call Wudaokou home, including world-famous Peking and Tsinghua Universities, which are commonly regarded as the Harvard and MIT of China.

Fueled by its multiculturalism and youthful energy, it is fair to say that the rising generation of global China specialists in business, government and academia will all have special appreciation for the meaning of Wudaokou.

Our Mission

Wudaokou inspires our aim to promote educational excellence & cultural exchange in China.

Our mission is to make the world a smaller place & promote excellence in immersive English & Montessori education in China.


Who We Are?

A laowai and a couple Beijingrens who have been there, Christopher Alesevich studied abroad at Beijing University & subsequently lived and taught English in Beijing & Shanghai, among other places. Michael Fengbo has many years experience in Montessori schools in Beijing. Cui Kai has a passion for immersive education & distance learning. Together their aim is to bring you the best in curated teaching opportunities in China.